• Customized Skin Care

Are you looking for personalized skin care? 

We provide solutions for wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, acne, oily, dry and sensitive skin.

Each product is custom blended and taylor made for you at our pharmacy; no prescription needed.

Your skin care needs are provided in one simple bottle; No more multiple containers/bottles for your various skin needs.

Contact us for a customized solution to your unique skin needs.


Hear the real stories from people who experienced the customized skin care of Blend & Boost®.

LAUREN, 47 – USING RAB + 4, 6

Concerns: Dry skin, fine lines 
“After using my Blend & Boost for only a couple of weeks, I could see that the lines around my eyes were beginning to soften and my skin looked and felt hydrated. I love that Blend & Boost is formulated to address specific concerns for each individual person. I am actually saving money by using this product because it replaces four products; day cream, night cream, eye cream and firming serum. I would highly recommend that you try Blend & Boost.”

IRENE, 26 – USING OSB + 9, 12, 13

Concerns: Blemishes, breakouts, time consuming treatments 
“My problem has always been time. Buying all the products my skin needed was always the easy part. However, keeping up with the daily/nightly skin routine was a whole other ordeal. I was then introduced to Blend & Boost! 
My favourite feature is that I'm able to cater to all of my needs and wants! I would recommend this product to any woman looking for specialized skin cream. Ever since I started using Blend & Boost, I find myself wearing less and less makeup on a daily basis. My skin feels and looks amazing!”

ARISTEA, 26 – USING MCB + 1, 7

Sensitive skin, breakouts, dehydrated skin 
“Having sensitive skin, I was afraid that trying a new product on my skin would cause a break out. However I could not be more pleasantly surprised by this product - it makes my skin glow and hydrates it like no other product has before. 
The idea of having a product customized to my own needs is priceless. With one cream I can take care of hydrating my skin all while preventing wrinkles. It is somewhat of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for my skin needs. I am definitely hooked on this product and will never go back to my old hydrating cream. Once you expose your skin to the best - it's hard to go back!”

VANESSA, 28 - USING SSB + 9, 10

Dry skin, sensitive skin , does not like thick or greasy creams 
“My skin is very smooth and hydrated. I have noticed that a lot of red areas around my nose are much better than before. I love the texture of the cream on my skin and like using the cream with a few drops of my foundation.”

HARSHAD, 36 - USING OSB + 12, 13

Oily T-zone, dry patches with enlarged pores, uneven skin tone 
“I feel freshness throughout the day. My skin is much less oily than before. My skin tone is more even. The product actually works since I saw positive changes in my skin!”

SHAUNA, 25 – USING MCB + 7, 8

Dry patches, oily T-zone, dull skin tone, lack of radiance, malnourished skin 
“After applying the cream, my skin feels like silk, so soft and smooth…and the effect lasts long. I love this product and how it absorbs so easily into my skin; it makes it look healthier, more radiant and smooth. Fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone.”

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Customized Skin Care

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